Jivin’ Japanese Cultural Presentations


As a group of two or three, you are to research, develop, and give a PowerPoint presentation to the class on an aspect of Japanese culture during the Age of the Samurai. You will also complete a detailed written essay from your research which will be shared with the 6th grade team through a wiki. You will have 6 days of class time to work cooperatively with your group on this project. Planning, cooperation, completing your share of the work, and communication are the keys for a successful group project. Most, if not all, of your work should be completed in class. However, you may choose to do some work at home.


Artisans & Merchants: Don’t hate me because I’m rich
Castle towns: Beyond the walls in times of peace
Chado:The Practice of Tea
Dress & Appearance: kimono
Meditation: Zen, Monks & Nuns
Samurai Arts: Ikebana; Haiku; Landscape Painting & Gardens
Swords, Armor, & Bows, Oh My
The Theater: Bunraku, Kabuki, & No

Required Elements in Presentation:

• An Outline of your research findings, which should include five to seven main ideas
• Each main idea should have two or three specific, informational details
• A detailed, multi-paragraph essay about your presentation topic shared through a wiki as a resource and test review material
• A list of sources cited, including sources of all photos, pictures, and graphics in your PowerPoint
• An effective PowerPoint which serves as a visual guide to your oral presentation
• A well rehearsed, well delivered, informative oral presentation which teaches your topic to your peers.
• The time limit of your presentation should be: 6 to 8 minutes, and everyone in your group must speak in the oral presentation.

Dividing the work:

Library Research

reading, note taking and using your notes to create an outline for your presentation must be done by everyone in your group.

Document Editor

A Documant Editor for your group will be responsible for the final posting of the multi-paragraph essay, which is the basis for your whole presentation. The Document Editor will be responsible for making sure your group essay is final and complete. The actual drafting and writing of the essay is to shared by the group in a cooperative arrangement developed and agreed upon by the group.


• A Librarian for your group will be responsible for a Sources Cited list in MLA format to be posted to the group wiki. This group member may consult with Mr. R-M or Mrs. Winslett at any time for help and assistance about proper MLA citation formats. Remember, this is not the first time you have used MLA citations this year.

Visual Editor

• A Visual Editor will be responsible for submitting the final and complete PowerPoint to Mr. R-M. The Visual Editor will be responsible for making sure that your PowerPoint includes information from your essay, is correctly sequenced to support your oral presentation, and includes photo’s, pictures, and graphics which enhance, and do not distract from, your group’s oral presentation. Again, the actual drafting and compiling of the information is to be shared by the group in a cooperative arrangement developed by and agreed upon by the group.


• Each person in the group will become a Teacher and share in the group’s oral presentation.

Grading Rubric:

Presentation Component

Research Outline:

• Five to seven appropriate main ideas from class materials and research
• Effective supporting details for each main idea
• Introduction
• conclusion

Detailed multi-paragraph essay as posted on Wiki:

• effective introduction
• informative paragraph with sufficient supporting details for each main idea
• conclusion
• effectively communicates and teaches the topic
• posted to wiki by due date

Sources Cited list in correct MLA format:

• correct MLA format
• includes text and visual citations
• posted to wiki by due date

PowerPoint designed as visual aide to oral presentation:

• includes all information from essay in effective bullet point summary
• follows sequence of essay
• appropriate and effective use of visuals

Group Oral Presentation:

• all group members participate
• speak loudly and slowly enough to effectively teach topic
• demonstrates thorough knowledge of topic